IntelliSub Europe 2012
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Session themes and topics include:

Commercial Drivers: Evaluating the drivers and optimal timeframes for the commercial roll out of smart substations in European distribution networks

Transmission Substations: Applying lessons learnt from substation automation in high voltage transmission networks to medium-low voltage distribution networks

IEC 61850 Standard: Reviewing the application of IEC 61850 to primary and secondary substations

Multi-Vendor Substations: Establishing a framework for low cost high functionality multi-vendor smart substations

European Pilot Projects Panel: Determining the roadmap for migrating from small scale pilot projects to the large scale commercial roll out of smart substations

Legacy Substations: Optimising the design and implementation of intelligence in legacy medium-low voltage substations

Centralised versus Distributed Intelligence: Determining the advantages and disadvantages of alternative architectures in medium-low voltage substations

Functionality Roadmap: Identifying the most critical functionalities to implement in first phase smart substations and determining a cost effective migration path to extended functionalities

SCADA System Development: Transforming SCADA systems to enable more intelligent monitoring, control and protection of substation equipment and power levels

Integrated Control Centre:
Gearing up your support systems to ensure the real time and dynamic monitoring, control and protection of smart substations

Communication Network: Determining the optimal communication strategy and architecture for rural, town and city smart substations

Cyber Security: Protecting smart substation assets from cyber-attacks in the digital age

Smart Component and Device Market Panel: Evaluating the progress being made by key manufacturers in developing rugged systems and components for the commercial roll out of medium-low voltage smart substations

Next Generation Transformers: Assessing the latest transformer technologies on the market and in development to support the roll out of smart substations

Intelligent Sensors: Implementing the latest sensor technology to support the full automation and real time management of smart substations

Operational Skills Development: Optimising your workforce configuration and skills development to ensure adequate internal competence for day to day operation of smart substations
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