IntelliSub Europe 2012
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Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) located in Regensburg and its 22 subsidiaries spread all around the world deal mainly with voltage regulation in energy networks. This is achieved primarily by using on-load tap-changers that adjust the turn ratio of the primary and secondary windings to the changing load ratios and together with other innovative products and services ensure the failure-free supply of power. Customers are manufacturers of power equipment and systems, power utility companies and large-scale industries with intensive power requirements.


Advantech is the world’s premier manufacturer of industrial PCs, and a leading supplier of automation, display and communications hardware for the energy business. With its IEC 61850-3 certified, open platforms, Advantech brings low-cost, multi-vendor, powerful computing solutions to the intelligent substation. Whether the application is HMI/SCADA visualisation, application or operating system virtualisation, security, network recording or protocol conversion, Advantech’s UNO-4000 series is the standard for the smart substation. For high-performance, low-cost RTUs, Advantech has launched the APAX PE series, IEC 61850-3 certified RTU platforms, making affordable distribution automation possible. Advantech will also be showing its Ethernet switch and FRTU platforms.

SATEL Oy, a Finnish electronics and telecommunications company that specializes in the design, manufacturing and global sales & marketing of wireless communication products and solutions for various applications and uses around the world. SATEL is one the leading radio modem manufacturers and has a worldwide customer base and support network. SATEL possesses the world's widest selection of products in its field. SATEL radio modems are used in a vast range of applications which require ultimate data communication reliability. SATEL modems transmit data in real-time several kilometers over a wireless connection. A radio modem network is independent of mobile and satellite network operators and no cost is thus associated with transferring data.

Viola Systems
Viola Systems based in Finland provides wireless communication solutions for Electrical Networks using public networks as GPRS / 3G / LTE.

Delivery of mission critical data in a secure and reliable manner is the key value provided by Viola Systems ever since 2005.

Viola’s solutions enable monitoring, control and protection of various Electrical field devices in the network as Secondary Substations, Reclosers, Pole Top Disconnectors, RMU’s and Switchgears.

Viola Systems has enabled various Smart Grid applicationsfor some of the leading Utilities and System Integrators such as Vattenfall, ESB, E.ON, CEZ, ABB, Alstom, Schneider Electric and Tavrida Electric.

Grid Smart Software is a UK based company that provides innovative IEC 61850 software solutions into the global energy sector. The two core products offered are the 61850easy Test Tool and 61850IMU Substation Recorder which are available as Virtual packages or as pre-installed embedded packages.

Various 61850easy functionality options are possible to enable applications such as proof of concept, design, testing and training on your IEC 61850 systems.

Installing 61850IMU on suitable hardware platforms will provide the ability to record all of your IEC 61850 network traffic with access to historical data and enabling live traffic monitoring by authorised personnel.

Power Plus Communications
Your Partner for Intelligent Grids.
Power Plus Communications is a leading provider of Broadband Powerline (BPL) communications for Smart Grids. PPC’s open, standards-based technology provides DNOs and utilities with a powerful communications solution using the existing power grid itself for real-time, encrypted, IP-based data transfer. As a pioneer of BPL technology, PPC has implemented networks in electricity distribution grids worldwide and our customers include leading DNOs and utilities. PPC is a partner in Smart Grid projects such as E-Energy, the Low Carbon Network Fund and DG Demogrid. Awards include "GB Bullhound Cleantech Connect", “Germany, Land of Ideas” and the “Guardian Global Cleantech 100”.

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